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Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a business information management system that helps us capture, analyse and present geographic information on a map.

One-stop shop for CAD and GIS services

We create customized maps, technical drawings, report figures, and presentation materials using the latest versions of AutoCAD and ArcView programs. We work with geologists, engineers, and those in the environmental sciences.
We are the experts at map creation. It’s what we do every day. One of our clients sent us an email sharing this message…

“We wanted you to know that our client loved the maps Eglobalplus prepared on our behalf. With your help the project was approved and we can move forward immediately. 80% of the report content was figures generated by Eglobalplus. Because the information was so easy to understand the project was approved on the spot. This allowed us to proceed with the work and start generating income right away”.

Infrastructure Mapping and Planning

  • Road Network delineate and Validate on high resolution Imagery

  • Water Supply Mapping and Data Integration

  • Land Use Mapping on different Scale and different Level

  • Sewerage Mapping and Data Integration

  • Feasibility report for proposed work

Surveying & Decision Support

  • Land surveying with modern technology of Geospatial Like as DGPS

  • Land surveying with modern technology of Geospatial Like as Total Station

  • Property Surveying

  • Site Suitability Analysis

Remote Sensing

  • Remote Sensing based Disaster

  • Management(Drought Analysis) & Crop Analysis

  • Land Surface Temperature & Ground Water Potential Zone Mapping

  • Natural Resources Mapping & Watershed Management System

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Digital Mapping and GIS Services.

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