How to Remain Safe from Fake Apps in the Google Play Store

The first thing we do is to install exciting apps from the Google Play Store after purchasing a smartphone.  We try to install all lucrative apps like games, messaging or any other utility apps. But wait! Do we know that all the apps are not always genuine? You may become a victim of fake apps if you are not smart enough to judge the application. So, before you download the next app, here are tips that can help you identify the fake apps.

Here are some simple tips, which will help you identify the fake apps:
Check the developer’s reputation:

There are thousands of apps that are free to download. Before you download the app, you should do a bit of research about the developer. Check to determine who released the application. Be cautious, though, scammers uses similar titles; such as (real) and Overstock Inc (fake). If you have any doubt about the app, Google them. A genuine developer is most likely to have a website and other valid and verifiable details on the Internet. You can get the real app from the developers’ website which reads “Get Our App”. If you don’t find on Google, you shouldn’t download it. Beware! It is extremely risky to install apps from untrusted 3rd party sources.

Read the app permissions carefully

One of the most important things to do while purchasing an app is to read the app permissions carefully. If the app asks for permissions which comply with its features then well and good, install the app. Upon installation of the malicious app, it demanded administrative access, which clearly portrays the motive of malware developer to obtain full control access of the victim’s device. For instance, if Skype app requires your permission to access SMS, call logs, media files, etc., then that’s alright, because these are required for obvious reasons. On the other hand, if a gaming app or a flash light app requires similar permissions, stay away – that’s a bad app!

Check the number of downloads

The number of downloads can also help you in making the decision that the app is real or fake. Original apps are downloaded more than a million times and it has a status of popularity. In such situation you don’t bother yourself.

Read reviews:

Check reviews of the people on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The real applications have thousands of positive reviews while a fake one may won’t have any.You can install if there are more positive reviews.

Check user ratings:

This is perhaps the simplest way to identify if an app is fake or not. You just check the user ratings which is between 1 and 5. The higher the ratings and the number of people who rate the app, the better the chances that the app is original.

Check Launch Date:

First find out the publishing date of that app and check it is correct or not. The real apps have updated dates while the fake apps have recent publishing date.

Beware of lucrative Offer:

Be careful of those apps which offer discounts on the products. Sound too good to be true. It’s highly likely that these are just a way of luring you into installing them thereby getting hold of sensitive data from your smartphone. Many of them are not apps but mobile sites, which float attractive offers, clicking on which you only end up gaining nothing.

Spelling Mistakes:

Check for spelling mistakes in the title or description.  To create relevant apps they make slight changes in the name usually users can’t identify them. eg. Pokemon Go is the right, Poke Mon Go this can be fake. Many of these apps come out of China. Take extra caution if it looks like English isn’t the developers’ first language.

With these safety tips, you can secure your Android Smartphone from hackers. It is also advisable to use a mobile antivirus software, which will guard your mobile against any kind of virus attacks.

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