Best Educational YouTube Channels For Kids

Youtube is largest video search engine in the world. It is a video sharing site owned by Google. Millions of video uploaded every minute and it has 1 billion unique users  every month. It is hard to find real content which are creative, innovative, eye-opening, mind expanding  and practical. We found 10 best channels and content for your kids out of the millions of channels available on Youtube. It is also important to provide safeguard and filters to your kids. Your kids are gonna have fun watching these channels.


TheBrainScoop is a fantastic YouTube science channel hosted by the highly entertaining and knowledgeable Correspondent Emily Graslie who has worked in major zoological museums for quite some time. The Brain Scoop is a series of educational YouTube channel that explores the behind-the-scenes work of natural history museums. If you’re interested in animals, evolution, history, specimen preparation, history museums and mutch more, I guarantee you’ll enjoy The Brain Scoop.

Suitable for: Older kids and tweens

2. Oh My Genius

Nursery rhymes, fun educational songs, a great range of involved topics, how to’s and all it also come in different languages! It has a super fun video compilation for little toddlers. Kids have fun learing high quality animated nursery rhymes, alphabets, train series, shapes, numbers, color etc through songs.

Suitable for: Older kids and tweens

3. Math & Learning Videos For Kids

Sometimes children hate to learn everything that are provided through parents or from a textbook. When this happens, videos can be particularly helpful This channel teaches math concepts to  preschoolers and elementary school kids in fun and easy  way.  Improve your kindergarten math skills with basic this channel.

Suitable for: Older kids and tweens

4. MinutePhysics

Kids can learn a wide range of concepts, from the nature of gravity to a number of tutorials and video explanations covering physics and different science. Using illustration and voice-over, these episodes simplify complex ideas, making science easy and fun. They use simple graphics tool for visual explanation.

Learn a wide range of concepts like the nature of gravity, how planes fly, how sun works etc.

Suitable for: Older kids and tweens

5. Simple Kids Crafts

As the name suggest, this channel offers cards, toys,crafts, crafts tutorials, reviews & much more. It is the most popular Youtube channel for crafts kids. Most activities require a minimum of materials, time and expertise, so you can get started right away. All the crafts are simple, easy, fun loving, inexpensive & totally free. This is also referred as “Recycled, easy crafts that really simple and working.

Suitable for: Younger kids

6. TED-Ed

You might have heard about TED-Ed that creates stunningly animated educational videos and people share their knowledge, revolutionary ideas, raise and discuss important questions on every possible language and regularly uploaded online for free for the whole world to watch and learn. These series of videos will be of great boon for critical thinking children and make them learn a great amount of important information about world, science, society, relationships and life in general.

Suitable for: Older tweens and teens

7. National Geographic Kids

It is an informational channel that gives fun facts of exotic creatures, their culture and natural habitat. This channel inspires young adventures to explore the planet and beyond through engaging storytelling and amazing videos.  This channel is filled with learning adventures, cool science and funny facts the kids love.

Suitable for: Tweens and teens

8. SciShow

SciShow explores the various topic of science, news and history. It is world’s largest platform for science-related videos. Hosted by Hank Green of the VlogBrothers enables you to dive dipper with every new “SciShow Infusion.”

Suitable for: Older tweens and teens

9. CrashCourse

CrashCourse channel provides information for everyone on various subject like world history, literature, psychology, ecology, biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, philosophy and many other topics. They are provided in a creative and convenient form of animated videos. These videos are short which is good for kids as their attention span is quite short.

Suitable for: Everyone

10. Vsauce

Vsauce is a YouTube channel created by vlogger Michael Stevens, which features videos relating to various topics pertaining to science, technology, culture and other topics of general interest.  It has crazy cool facts that you would be interested to know.

Suitable for: Older tweens and teens

11. It’s Okay To Be Smart

It’s Okay to be Smart is a show about smart science, but not the way you’re used to it! Joe Hanson as a host explores the amazing universe we live in, and the pleasure of finding things out. Covering a wide variety of subjects from physics and astronomy, to biology and neuroscience, shows smarter way of explaining science. The creative and fun design of the program shows that being smart isn’t just okay, but truly exciting.

Suitable for: Older tweens and teens

12. ASAP Science

Get the answers to the World’s Weirdest Questions and Unexplained Phenomena. Biologists Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown have passion for science and they bring a unique approach to answer your irreverent questions that you never got to ask in your classes.

Suitable for: Everyone

13. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls presents a collection of video series that focuses on encouraging young women (and men) to express themselves and overcome their real  life problems in a funny but informative way.

Suitable for: Older teens and girls

14. CGP Grey

CGP Grey is an educational videos on YouTuber and podcaster who posts on this YouTube channel. It has short informational videos on various topic like politics, economics, geography, history and Culture. Short explanatory and interesting videos covering wide scope of life.

Suitable for: Everyone

15. Veritasium

Veritasium word derived from “veritas,” the Latin for “truth”. Veritasium popular YouTube science channel — host Derek Muller shares science stories, experiments and educational facts. His obvious enjoyment and curiosity about his subjects, and his active camera energize the channel, making the science of Veritasium accessible and fun to watch.

Suitable for: Everyone

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